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Fortified Krav Maga Instructors

Bounty Hunter Clayton.jpg
Clayton Mortensen
Owner/Head Instructor

Clayton Mortensen is dedicated to sharing Krav Maga with as many people as possible. Coming from a traditional martial arts system, he sees the value in the real world training that Krav Maga brings to the table. He started training in martial arts at age 12 and earned his first black belt at age 18. Since then he has received multiple Krav Maga Instructor certifications, achieved his black belt in American Kenpo and Krav Maga. Clayton has also competed in various combat sports as well as put his knowledge to practical use as a Bail Enforcement and Fugitive Recovery Agent for the State of Utah. He has also served on private security details for executives, politicians and celebrities including Jackie Chan and V.P. Mike Pence. 

Adult Krav Maga and L.E.O. Instructor

Trase started with Fortified Krav Maga as a student.  Quickly gaining confidence in the skills and techniques learned and began applying them in his duties as a law enforcement officer and SWAT operator.  He runs the defensive tactics program at his current agency and has been an instructor with Fortified for several years now.  Trase has found several opportunities to test the same skills learned on our mats during real world encounters with "customers" in his chosen field.

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