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Level 1 Curriculum


I. Stances

 A. Passive Stance

 B. Fighting Stance

 C. Self-Defense Stance (modified fighting)


II. Movement

 A. Forward, Back, Left, Right

 B. Quick Step Roll Out

 C. Swing Out

 D. Shadow Boxing


III. Punches

 A. Straight Punch

 B. Straight Punch – left/right combination

 C. Palm Heel Strike

 D. Eye Strike/Throat Strike - Concepts

 E. Straight Punch with Advance

 F. Straight Punch with Retreat

 G. Straight Punch Low

 H. Hammerfist Strikes (all directions)

 I. Elbows (1-7)

 J. Hook Punch


IV. Kicks

 A. Groin Kick 

 B. Front Kick

 C. Round Kick

 D. Side Kick

 E. Back Kick 

 F. Defensive Front Kick in Place

 G. Defensive Front Kick vs. Attacker Approaching (timing)


V. Knees

 A. Knees without Grab

 B. Knees with Grab at Shoulder and Arm – Side Clinch

 C. Knee with Grab around Neck – Thai Clinch


VI. Punch/Kick Combinations

 A. Front Kick to Groin and Hammerfist Punch Down

 B. Front Kick to Groin and Straight Punch

 C. Combos 1-4

 D. Kickboxing combos (combos 1-4 finishing w/ kicks)


VII. Punch/Kick Defenses

 A. 360º Outside Defenses – positions

 B. 360º Outside Defenses – moving attacks

 C. Inside Defenses against Straight Punches

 D. Inside Defenses against Low Straight Punches

 E. Inside and 360º Defenses against Punches

 F. Outside Cover Block

 G. Front Cover Block (Single/Double)

 H. Front Kick Defense


VIII. Choke Defenses

 A. Choke from the Front (1 hand pluck)

 B. Choke from the Front (2 hand pluck)

 C. Choke from Behind

 D. Choke from the Side

 E. Choke from the Front with a Push

  F. Choke from Behind with a Push


IX. Headlock Defenses

 A. Headlock from the Side


X. Soft Techniques – General Comments

 A. Wrist Release - Same Side Hand (elbow to elbow)

 B. Wrist Release - Opposite Hand (hitch-hike out) 

 C. Wrist Release - 2 Hands Held High

 D. Wrist Release - 2 Hands Held Down

 E. Wrist Release - Being held with 2 hands


XI. Ground Fighting


Back Position

❑ A. Movement

❑ B. Front Kick 

❑ C. Round Kick


Sitting Up

❑ A. Movement

❑ B. Kick with Bottom Leg  

❑ C. Getting Up


Mount Defense 

❑ A. Mounted, Defense vs. Punches (buck hips)

❑ B. Mounted, Trap and Roll

❑ C. Elbow Escape while Mounted

❑ D. Elbow Escape – If opponent is sitting back

❑ E. Elbow Escape Cheats – under ankle, foot pick

❑ F. Recover from High Mount  


Guard – Top Position

❑ A. Striking

❑ B. Stand up to Escape 


Guard – Bottom Position

❑ A. Striking

❑ B. Stand up to Escape – Technical Stand Up

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