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Scholarship Program

About Our Scholarship Program

Fortified Krav Maga started back in 2016 with the goal of sharing self-defense with as many people as possible to empower people's lives and make our community safer. The goal of our scholarship program is to expand that mission. We will establish a pool of funding from donors and Fortified Krav Maga will match that amount dollar for dollar to help sponsor children in need of the program. Applications for the program will open in January 2024. As of right now, we are starting the fundraising process. Please consider donating to this fund. It costs roughly $1200 to sponsor one child through a year of training which can be immensely beneficial and transformative. So, for every $600 donated, and Fortified Krav Maga covering the rest, 1 child will be sponsored through the program. Notice will be emailed out in January when applications are open. Thank you for your time and donations! 

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